TKU-QUT Dual Degree Program in Finance (English taught Program) Undergrad Students and Master Student Regulations

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TKU-QUT Dual Degree Program in Finance (English taught Program) Undergrad Students and Master Student Regulations
I. In accordance with "Tamkang University Business School Undergraduate studies and master's degree rules ". We encourage our undergraduate outstanding alumni to take the Dual Degree English Master Program in Finance (Hereinafter referred to as the degree program) to continue learning with the option of shorten the number of years of study. Set by the following rules.
II. To be an undergraduate student from this school in his third year and had culminate the first semester,had obtained in the prior five semesters or in the last semester a ranking grade above the half of the class. The application should be done in the second semester of the third year and must be submitted before due date to the department office. The due date will be announce. Must submit the application form and the attachment 1.
III. Applicants are required to pay the application, and submit the first five semesters (including the grades with ranking), the study plan (format, such as Annex II) and other required information.
IV. The selection is held by the pre-graduate admission Committee. After the beginning of the second semester, the admission committee will meet for do the selection, decide and make the admission list for the coming students. The quota is determined by the pre- graduate admission committee, and it cannot be more than the number of postgraduate enrolled in the same year.   
V. Admitted students must prepare to fulfill the preparatory postgraduate qualifications.
VI. Students who have completed the preparatory postgraduate qualification must obtain a bachelor's degree in the following year and enroll in the Master's Admissions Examination. After completing the degree, they will be eligible for the postgraduate degree. The quota is included in the enrollment quota for this degree.
VII. Preparatory graduate students will be able to start their semester program in the seventh semester. The courses will be eligible for postgraduate credits and will be eligible for credits in accordance with the credits rules. However, if the master program has been included in the university graduation score, may not apply for credits in the master's degree.
VIII. Students must meet the requirements of the Master's degree program, and send a degree certificate to the Master program.
IX. These Rules shall be passed by the Senate meeting and shall be submitted to the President for approval and shall come into force on the date of publication.
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